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Ryan & Roxy

1928 S 50th Ave
Omaha, NE, 68106
United States

Mountain bike skills clinic in Omaha, Nebraska.

Why R&R Outside Founders Ride TREK

R&R Outside founders, Ryan and Roxzanne Feagan, have ridden TREK bikes since the early 2000's. 

Over the years, R&R have had some pretty outstanding races and even more outstanding adventures, neither of which would have been possible (nor as fun) without the support of their local Trek Store of Omaha.

R&R Outside has proudly and joyfully ridden many TREK bikes for a number of years. And not only because of their outstanding performance and leading edge technology (which has allowed them to push their own limits), but also because of what the brand stands for. TREK Bicycle stores are a force in each of their respected communities. From supporting youth DEVO programs, high school racing clubs and trail advocacy organizations, to leading group rides and sponsoring competetive race teams, our local TREK Stores are 100% committed to getting people on bikes. The pleasure is all Ryan's and Roxy's to ride TREK bikes and they'll tell anyone who will listen how awesome and fun they are to ride.

Thank you Trek Stores of Omaha for supporting R&R Outside’s Ride Right MTB School.