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Ryan & Roxy

1928 S 50th Ave
Omaha, NE, 68106
United States

Mountain bike skills clinic in Omaha, Nebraska.

Ride Right MTB School Testimonials

Actual feedback taken from surveys given to students of the Ride Right MTB School.

At the end of the clinic, we give every student a survey to fill out anonymously. This allows for real-time feedback while the students are still thinking about all they've learned and accomplished.

"It ended up totally fine, but at first I was see all the very experienced cyclists in the class."

"Everything was superbly organized and logistically tight. Food was awesome, instructors were awesome and I'm grateful for all you put into this. Thank You!"

"Repeats on the trail...was helpful too for a chance at putting skills into practice on the trail itself. Also having verbal reminder and corrections as you were going through helped things click better."

"So much attention - repetition was great! Coaches [were] so patient."

"As a newbie, this was so helpful."

"I'd do it again."

"Great class. Bring on round 2."

"Loved the slalom course. Open cowboy knees was huge for me."

"Learning that the instructors are still learning was valuable to me."

"Great job. Coaches were attentive and had good feedback for riders of all levels."

The most valuable part of the course was:
"…the fundamentals of bike-body separation and fast cornering. I've biked for 20 years and have never been fundamentally taught. You are providing a great service to the bike community."

“… individual feedback on how to correct real trail skills, not just parking lot drills.”

“…learning the importance of my feet [placement]…”

“…the chance to review skills I knew in my brain and get them to move in my body.”