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Blowing out the Cobwebs

Ryan Feagan

We're finally starting to see some warms temps, and it is about time.

It's been a cold, frozen, wet winter in Omaha.  Occasional snowfall, and freezing rains, and freeze/thaw cycles have kept us all off dirt singletrack since about early December.  Sure, some folks have gotten out on the frozen snow on fatbikes, but even for those with the big squishy tires, the "good" snow conditions have been few & far between.  

We watch the forecasts in a few places south of us, always looking for winter getaways to warmer riding and dry dirt!  With temps in the 50's & 60's this last weekend, we headed to the Switchgrass Mountain Bike Trail.  For me, this was my first time riding a mountain bike since Thanksgiving!  


I wasn't gonna survive the trip without getting a little overzealous on a fast portion of trail littered with loose rock, and laid it down when the front wheel washed off camber.  Seems like I need to blow the cobwebs out of my mountain biking skills!  Even with multiple certifications and years of experience, I still crash sometimes-- and truth be told I do enjoy pushing my own limits on occasion. 


We all need to ease into our skills and abilities-- having the right information, then practicing riding under the helpful eyes of coaches and friends can help all of us dial in a better ride, and ride right!

Also, we're dusting the cobwebs off this blog-- we promise to bring you fun, educational mountain bike content, some facts, some informed opinions, and some sharing of fun & adventures.  We hope to inspire you to learn, improve yourself as a rider, and contribute your story to the good times ahead.

Join us for a 1-day beginner clinic this spring on April 21.