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2015 Trip Wrap Up

Ryan Feagan

For Ryan and Roxy, nothing is more life confirming than bringing folks to the great wide open on bikes. The joy in our friend's faces make all the work to get there worth it. From booking lodging to grocery shopping to mapping out routes and monitoring weather and riders, there are a lot of details to manage but if that effort allows others to focus solely on having a great adventure, then we've done our jobs.

R&R Outside hit the road several times in 2015 to some known  places like Arkansas where we took part in some cross country races. We returned many times with groups to south-central Colorado to race bikes in Gunnison and Salida. We celebrated a fellow traveler's 50th birthday, taking him and 7 of his friends to Breckenridge and Crested Butte. After missing it last year, we went back to Spearfish, South Dakota to race the famous Dakota Five-0 with just about everyone we know. And finally we wrapped the travel season up with a trip to Southern Missouri for a last bash, racing The Berryman Trail Epic before heading back to Missouri so Roxy could assist former World Champion DH racer, Marla Streb, at a clinic at the KC Women's Dirt Summit. 

We also were lucky to discover some new (to us) trails, riding Kenosha Pass over the July 4th holiday. In October, we took a group back to Salida to race trails around Monarch Pass, which we've driven over many times on our way to some of the other Colorado destinations and finally found out what was out there: awesomness! 

How do we do it and put on clinics? A lot of love and stoke for the folks who sign up with us. It's our life's missions to lead others to great adventures, even if that only involves cruising their neighborhood trails better and faster. Whatever it takes to get more people riding bikes!

Now, as the snow flies in our neck of the woods, we looking longingly at the year ahead. We'll be returning to some familiar trails and events but have a few new destinations stashed up our baggies. There will be two clinics in the spring and one or two in the fall. Who knows, maybe we'll take the clinic on the road. 

Regardless of where 2016 takes us, we hope you'll be coming with us!

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