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Mountain bike skills clinic in Omaha, Nebraska.

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R&R in 2016

Roxzanne Feagan

As the snow starts to melt in these parts, we daydream of warmer days and dry single track to shred with friends old and new.

To stoke our daydreaming, we hung an obnoxiously huge, laminated calendar in our living room. Now at a glance we can see how much awesome we're packing into the riding season. So far two clinics in the spring are on the books. We can't wait to share our love for riding with new friends!

Once the heat of the summer is in full swing here in Nebraska, we can't comfortably do our clinics so that's when we hit the road with other mountain bikers who are ready to test themselves at races or on epic trips into the back country. We'll be heading to ColoRADo at least 4-5 times to enduro our faces off and hopefully just for some fun riding as well. Want to come along?

New this year R&R will be offering private clinics. We understand a whole weekend can be a tough ask sometimes so if you're up for a single day or evening, give us a call to discuss how we can design a mini clinic for you. Or if a group of your friends want to put together a clinic, we can do that too. Heck, combine it with a trip somewhere and we're in! We'll do all the planning, coordinating and booking. You and your friends just bring your bikes! How rad is that! We've been to some pretty cool places. All you have to do is ask.

2016 is looking pretty jam-packed with awesomeness already and we hope you'll be part of it. Riding is in our bones. Teaching is in our blood. Sharing is in our hearts. We look forward to seeing you in a clinic or on the trails. 

Think spring and always, Ride Inspired!