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Ryan & Roxy

1928 S 50th Ave
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Mountain bike skills clinic in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Spring Clinic Highlights

Ryan Feagan

This spring, we were honored to have a couple dozen folks join us for a weekend of skill building. With winds approaching 40mph at the first clinic, we were a bit nervous but our students bundled up and took it in stride.

Our second clinic had mostly women! It's exciting to know we're helping get more women on bikes and out into the woods! 

Both clinics had riders from every level. Those who just bought their bike to season racers and still we hear similar sentiments and love seeing the progress that even just two days can make in a rider's confidence and skill level.  

"You can feel it when it's right; and you can definitely feel it when it's off."  -Ride Right MTB School Participant

Our feelings exactly!